Why I QUIT Buzz.. er, I mean Avakin Life! (not clickbait)

69 likes and I’ll continue doing videos for Avakin… (。◕‿◕。)

I began uploading videos for Avakin Life in 2015. Avakin Life was still fairly new and I wanted to present a basic blueprint on how-to make quality and entertaining videos. Since my series, many channels have copied my content (which i don’t mind — my goal is always to inspire). I also received an overwhelming amount of support from the community. However, LockWood Publishing (the company who made Avakin Life) didn’t seem to care for my work.

The content creators for Avakin Life work very hard. Content creators are all amazing and deserve incentive for marketing Avakin Life. LockWood won’t say thank you or even give you coins (in game). Better content creators, like myself, will always leave or won’t even begin to create content for Avakin Life since LockWood doesn’t seem to appreciate us at all. Avakin Life never once said thank you. Avakin Life blocked me on Twitter for over a year. I would never recommend creating content for Avakin Life. And besides, Avakin Life isn’t popular enough and the developers will not be grateful. The community is great, however. But there are many great communities out there.

I really do admire what some of the content creators do for Avakin. In fact, i feel like i admire them more than LockWood since I consistently shine a light on those creators in my videos. And other people do so, as well. If it wasn’t for all of us in the community coming together; there wouldn’t be a community at all. LockWood definitely isn’t creating one.

I will continue uploading videos to my channel. But I will be focusing on a new community and capturing the culture within that community instead. I am undecided on which community I would like to cover, but I know all of you will enjoy it.

Thank you all so much for everything. Thank you for your support. I never ask for donations. Your support alone is enough to satisfy my needs. And if I’m able to help a single person then I feel everything I’ve done is worthwhile. My channel exists to spread happiness and awareness. I am so thankful for YouTube, technology and all the people who sacrifice so much so we can all have a little. Thanks for watching.

(( This video wasn’t suggested by LockWood… ))

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