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Thank you for visiting Avakin Life Guide. I appreciate you taking the time to read more about me.

Avakin Life Guide (www.avakinlifeguide.com) was created December 4th, 2016.  At the time of our creation, we only had 1 person on staff who developed the entire site and most of the posts you see today.  We know this person as Donny Pie!  Or on Avakin Life, he goes by the name of DonnyPoo.  Avakin Life Guide is dedicated to bringing you helpful, entertaining, and unique content.

With our dedicated content creator and goal in mind, we encourage you to continue coming back. Your support means the world to Donny Pie. Without you, none of this would be possible.  So thanks and thanks, from the bottom of his heart, if there were a bottom at all, for you, his heart is bottomless.  Share.  Love.  Be happy.

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Donny is a developer and content creator.  He’s in his twenties and enjoys spending his time toward creating positivism.  Donny is a young philanthropist who donates to open-source foundations all over the world.

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In the shortest answer possible, NOPE!  We’re simply a fansite seeking to bring you entertaining news and articles in Avakin Life.

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Donny made this site because he is passionate about developing.  He would love to see his network of sites grow beyond unreasonable doubt.  And with immense hard-work and dedication; he is doing just that!


If you’d like to get in contact with Donny then visit here.

Donny is the artist behind Avakin Life Guide. His entire network of sites have been seen over 150 million times. His username on Avakin Life is "DonnyPoo"

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