WIN 3000 Avacoins! – #AvakinFairytale

Wish upon a star, discover your inner prince or princess and create your own Avakin fairy-tale for this week’s contest to win 3000 Avacoins!

Will your tale be one of adventure or a spell-binding romance? Create a magical picture of a fairy-tale in Avakin life, based on a real fairy-tale or your own creation, for your chance to win!

• Entries must be posted to Instagram with the hashtag #AvakinFairytale and tag @AvakinOfficial.
• You can use image editing software if you choose to.
• All submissions must feature the ‘Fairy-tale’ theme.
• All entries must be submitted by 9th of May.
• Please be aware we cannot share anything copyrighted, so please do not use any images from published works, for example movies, in your creation.

Have fun!

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