Secret Chat Command Shortcuts

There are shortcuts you can add in Avakin Life chat to make you do poses and dances without having to click them.  They’re easy to use and here is the entire list below:


Here is the current list to perform random actions:

  • /dance  – will perform a random dance move
  • /pose   – will perform a random pose
  • /action   – will perform a random action
  • /emote   – will perform a random emote

Here is the current list of emote shortcuts:

  • /laugh /lol /lmao   – will perform the laugh emote
  • /agree /yes    – will perform the agree emote
  • /disagree /no     – will perform the disagree emote
  • /applaud /clap  – will perform the applaud emote
  • /omg – will perform the face palm emote
  • /surprise – will perform the surprised emote

Here is the current list of action chat commands:

  • /wave /hello /hi – will perform the wave action
  • /sup – will perform the sup nod action

Did we miss any chat commands?
Leave a comment below and I’ll add them!

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