What to do if you get hacked or suspended!

So a lot of people on Avakin Life have either been hacked or locked out of their accounts.  It’s okay.  It’s happened to us too.  And there is no worst feeling (maybe there is a worst feeling) THAN signing into AVAKIN LIFE only to find out that you can’t anymore.  Here’s what you can do to recover your account!

If you’ve been locked out – There’s usually a lock code on your account.

  • You can email Avakin life at [email protected] – they can help you from here.
  • Visit http://www.avakin.com/support/  – Press the red “CONTACT US” button and they can help you.

If you’ve been hacked – Let’s say you try to login and your password no longer works because someone changed it.  You can ALWAYS reset your password and have your password sent via email so you can reset it.  Now if you don’t have access to that email then you’re pretty much screwed.  And to be honest, the only real way something like this happens is you gave out your account information (which we all know you shouldn’t do – only dumb people do that).  But not only did you give out your Avakin Life information, but you gave out your email as well (which is even dumber).  Email accounts are some of the hardest accounts to hack into.  So you can’t really blame anyone but yourself in this situation.

Again, you can always email [email protected] if you want your account back.
Leave a comment if you’ve ever been locked out or hacked!

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