BODAK YELLOW PARODY | AVAKIN LIFE AGE (official music video)

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69 likes and I’ll do an emo song… (。◕‿◕。)

This song is for entertainment purposes only and isn’t intended to diss anyone. Please understand it’s a joke.

On Avakin, you can chat with me if you wanted to
Send a DM. Send a friend request. Add me. DonnyPoo.
Hit the store, I got avacoins, Got nothing to lose.
And I block, cut a hater off, so don’t get comfortable, look

I make videos. Add up all the views.
Say I make videos. Add me. DonnyPoo.
If you see me on my Avi, that means I am filming you.
I do YouTube. You do nothing. Add up all the views.

Now they say that they watch all my vids? Let’s find out and see.
Donny P, you know where I’m at, you know where I be
You in Avi. You be trolling, I’m there, I get paid a fee.
I be in and out the game so much. My fans just follow me.

Honestly, if you wanna gift then sub to me
I drop season after season. Who working as hard as me?
Ups to Dante. Ups to Zero. Ups to MQKTV.
They see vids. Then they copy. I’m who they tryna be.

Look, I’m not on avi to play. I’m going hard everyday.
This game ain’t up for debate. You best not stand in my way.
I’m chillen with Mary Spade, And we like, “OKAY”

I let fans get what they want. I only type in red font.
When I sign online of course. And I ain’t sign-ed in in a month.
I’m the hottest in Avi; know you prolly heard of me.
Panda Gang and we repping. 23 Street sipping tea.
Coelette Love is how I feel, but I ain’t got no time to chill.
All my haters mad at me, but Im rich. I got a mill.

(( This video was suggested by Cardi B… ))

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Cardi B – Bodak Yellow
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